Hey y'all! I'm a NOLA-born Georgia-grown single mother of 5 kids ages 8-18. In 2012, I decided to stop spending thousands of dollars on pictures each year and bought my very own DSLR. Boy, was I surprised to discover that it takes a little more than just an expensive camera to take a good picture! I studied and practiced for 6 years before I gained the confidence to go after my dream of owning my own photography business! In my "free time" (as if I have any) you'll find me at my church (where I work as the Director of Children's Ministries and coordinate our social media, marketing, and events), the gym, Walmart, or at home sipping on Diet Dr. Pepper and either reading my Bible, editing pics, doing laundry, hanging out with my chickens, ducks, rabbits, pigs, dog, or kids. Jesus is my jam. Netflixin' and Chillin' is my pastime. Chips and queso are life (jalaaa). Black is my favorite color (yes, it's a color!), and birds are my spirit animal! I'm an extra-introvert who loves adventures at home! 

I would love to meet you and take your picture!