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2018-2-22 Carricos without spacing2019-3-21 Taylor and Caden Share2018-2-9 Father-Daughter Dance without spacing2018-5-6 Moseley Dancers without spacing2018-6-1 Littles Watermelon  without spacing2018-7-17 Kittens without spacing2018-7-29 Martin Boys Creek without spacing2018-8-1 First Day of School without spacing2018-8-7 Littles Tumbling without spacing2018-9-30 Eidson HOCO B&W without spacing2018-9-30 Eidson HOCO without spacing2018-9-30 Taylor and Sierra without spacing2018-10-10 Fairies without spacing2018-10-10 Halloween Dress Up without spacing2018-10-10 Riverdale without spacing2018-10-13 Taylor and CC without spacing2018-10-31 Wayne and Garth2018-11-3 Grafs without spacing2018-11-18 LoLo Tree Farm without spacing2018-11-21 The Paynes without spacing